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About us

At BEAUTY BAY hair studio the client feels at home and as in the harbour of beauty. Here all clients become regular.

In the BEAUTY BAY hair studio the key focus is on CLIENT and COOPERATION. For our team of professional experienced masters each new client is unique and we aim to achieve total customer satisfaction. There is always enough time for making sure that the requirements of the customer and preferences are well understood and taken into careful consideration. Our wide range of services is suitable for everyone, regardless the gender or age.

The master advises and helps to choose hair care products, haircut, colour and style, which suits the best to the personality of the client and life style. The service quality is ensured by the professional skills, tools and great hair care products. (Eg. RUSK).

A pleasant and cozy décor of the hair studio is offering a privacy and comfort. The studios are located inside the largest Estonian market leading beauty stores in the biggest shopping centres and provide clients with great facilities for parking, shopping and dining.

BEAUTY BAY hair studios locations: I.L.U. store in Kristiine Shopping Centre/ I.L.U. store in Rocca Al Mare Shopping Centre / Beauty department in Tallinna Kaubamaja.

  • quality service

    We offer a high quality service thanks to our experienced and professional masters, whose competence is always up to date in the hair care industry including haircutting, styling and colouring techniques. Our hair professionals know what is happening in the hair fashion. Understanding client’s preferences and meeting expectations is a main part of the good service. Besides the professional staff, we also use high quality hair care products from RUSK.

  • professional service

    Professional skills are as important as a friendly personalised customer approach. The client satisfaction is the most important to us. We achieve the best results due to the effective cooperation with clients. Each visit to our hair studio offers a memorable experience - we ensure the opportunity for the client to relax and spend some quality time. When required, the master is always happy to advice and consult the clients in regards to various products and services.

  • location

    In today's fast paced life, the convenient location of the hair salon is essential. Therefore, our hair studios are located in the easy to get to major shopping centres with good parking facilities. The visit to the hair studio can be conveniently combined with dining and shopping routines. The modern décor ensures comfortable and private atmosphere, where client can relax and have a rest from the daily activities.

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Price list

for men
scissors haircut 22€ 25€
trimmer haircut 14€ 16€
style change 25€ 30€
colour / highlights (+ products used) 20€ 24€
shampoo and style 12€ 15€
moustache trim 5€ 7€
beard trim 7€ 10€
for women
scissors haircut 29€ 34€
scissors haircut (shoulder-length hair) 25€ 29€
style change 30€ 35€
bang trim 5€ 7€
festive hairstyle 28€ 34€
bridal hairstyle 35€ 40€
shampoo and blow dry 25€ 28€
hair roots colour (+ products used) 28€ 34€
highlights (+ products used) 39€ 44€
colour removal 1hr (+ products used) 17€ 19€
haircut and colour complex treatment for shoulder-length hair (+ products used) 39€ 44€
haircut and colour complex treatment for long hair (+ products used) 42€ 48€
hair plaiting 6-19€ 8-22€
intensive hair treatment 21€ 26€
one hair lock colour (hair colour is included) 7€ 9€
hair colour 1 ml 0,40€ 0,40€
bleaching powder 1 ml 0,40€ 0,40€
for children
child haircut 12€ (up to 10yo) 14€ (up to 10yo)
child festive hairstyle 14€ (up to 10yo) 16€ (up to 10yo)
Partner card holders gets 5% discount for all services, at all times.


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